You want to start a journey that will enable you to get fitter, reduce your body fat, or you may wish to take up a new sport, or improve your sporting performance. You might want to learn effective weight lifting technique, to help you gain strength, or build muscle. Perhaps you wish to become more flexible or improve your posture.

If any of the above sounds like you then please make contact so we can start you on your journey today. I have all the tools and skills that you need to help you succeed in your goals.

​My passion is helping others achieve their fitness goals. Working with me will boost your self-confidence and well-being. Whether you are in pain and need to reduce this pain, or are not happy with your health or physique and wish to improve it. 

I changed career and became a personal trainer and soft tissue therapist after transforming my own body shape and rehabilitating two quite disabling back injuries. A chiropractor once told me that I should not be running with my posture. Frustrated by my body breaking down, I wanted to learn how to stop this from happening again. So I thought I would prove him wrong, got myself stronger and straighter, then trained to complete my first half marathon. 

I thought it would be rewarding to use these methods to help others, as I frequently meet people who are passionate about their sport or want to exercise and experience pain when there body is not working effectively, usually due to strength and flexibility relationships in their body. I qualified as a personal trainer in September 2005. This was followed by sports massage and sports therapy. I then set up Youtonic, which delivers the highest standards  using tried and tested methods.