Don't take my word for it, please read what my customers have to say about me.
  1. My objectives as I approached 50 were to lose weight from my near 14 stone, improve flexibility and build body tone. My weight dropped to 12 stone and my body fat index was down from an above average 21% to a lean athletic 12% which was a terrific result. At the same time my core and body strength improved considerably as did my muscle tone. During our time together we worked on and resolved a long standing shoulder injury building up the supporting muscles. Posture and balance rapidly improved and general feeling of confidence and well being was enormous
    Gerard Brown
  2. Tim is the most friendly, approachable person and a great encourager. I began training with him, prior to spending a season in Switzerland training to be a ski instructor. Tim designed a plan to build up my core strength, agility and balance. This included exercises that could be done in the gym and at home. As a result I maintained very good health and fitness throughout my three months in the Alps, skiing every day. Unfortunately I did get hit (while stationary) by an uncontrolled skier and sustained a shoulder injury. This was quite stiff on my return home. Tim enabled me to rehabilitate this injury with graded strength exercise, and with muscle massage and stretching. This injury has now completely resolved.
    Geoff Morris
  3. Tim was recommended to me by one of the physiotherapists at my gym, with whom I was having some treatment for a reccurring neck problem. I have had neck, back and shoulder problems for many years created by sitting, driving and surfing. This has given rise to countless treatments by physios and chiropractors. When I started training with Tim, these visits soon stopped. What Tim did was to increase the flexibility in the muscles that were creating my problems rather than treating the area that was injured. We then worked on strengthening the muscles that were weak which dramatically improved my posture, giving lasting results, eliminating my pains unlike my previous visits to the chiropractor.
    Neil Hecquet
  4. I started training with Tim 9 months ago. I thought I needed to take exercise more seriously following an operation and because I was applying to work for the Army and had to pass their fitness test. With Tim’s guidance, I have learned to run properly, without the pain I used to get in my knees. Sports massage also assisted with this process and cleared up my backache. I used to think that personal training was a nice, if slightly expensive, add on to the price of going to a gym. However, since working with Tim, I have found that unless you really know what you are doing, having a good trainer is the key to making real progress with fitness. I would not hesitate to recommend his services.
    Rob Corrigan
  5. Staying in Woolacombe on holiday, I wanted a decent sports massage whilst down here. Being a BTEC L 5 Soft tissue therapist, I know what I want from a treatment. I booked in with Tim after looking on the Internet and on the SMA website. Tim was highly professional, knew his stuff rather than taking things as they come, understanding the symptom can be very different to the cause! If only he lived in Nottingham so I could see him regularly!
    Kim Shone